Vile Pervert: The Sequel with Lee Ashcroft - Fabulous Fleapit Podcast

November 20, 2016

Lee Ashcroft returns to watch subject us to Jonathan King's 2014/5 film Vile Pervert: The Sequel. SPOILER ALERT: It's not good. We also talk butlers, praise the comedy of Amy Trigg, the music of MAG and Lee trash talks Sara Cox. The Wrong Film Club is showing Fateful Findings 20.11.16 (tonight) at the Brewhouse, Colchester. I'd have got this up earlier but we both had filthy potty mouths.

Interlude 'Henry Kelly' by The Nearly

Art by Laura Stitzel

The Wrong Film Club - series of evenings of debauchery, mockery and hilarity celebrating the flops, curios and outright failures of cinema!

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