Vile Pervert: The Musical with Lee Ashcroft - Fabulous Fleapit Podcast

November 12, 2016

This time we're joined by 'cultivator of the odd and unknown' Lee Ashcroft. Lee runs The Wrong Film Club and is showing Fateful Findings 20.11.16 at the Brewhouse, Colchester. At the Fleapit we watch Jonathan King's 2008 'ComDoc' Vile Pervert: The Musical. We're really sorry about that. We also sell-out to the man in a bid to get free stuff #Tesco #Apple #Cornetto #Toptiles #Nestle #BritishHeartFoundation #Costa #Starbucks

Interlude 'Outdoor dentist' by The Nearly

Art by Laura Stitzel

The Wrong Film Club - series of evenings of debauchery, mockery and hilarity celebrating the flops, curios and outright failures of cinema!

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